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The Chain Effect  is organising the third consecutive Bike to Work event under the Patronage of the Ministry of the Environment, with the support of the Municipality of Beirut and made possible through the sponsorship of the Embassy of Switzerland and the Lebanese American University!


On April 17th, use your bike, or rent one from participating bicycle shops to beat the traffic -- and enjoy free coffee, refreshments & bites from partner cafés & restaurants on your way to work!


If you commute from outside Beirut, you can park your car at one of our Park & Ride Stations and pick up your bike there. Use the temporary bike lanes set up at key routes!




Step 1:  Select your ticket type: Ride your own bike; Rent from bike shop; Park & Ride

Step 2: If you rent a free bike, select your preferred bike shop or Park & Ride station

Step 3: Pick a cafe to get free bites & refreshments on your way to work

Step 4: Join one of the group rides (optional)

Step 5: Pay the deposit fee - this will be refunded after the event

Step 6: Spread the love, share with your team & office!

Step 7: Bike to Work & #BeatTheTraffic on April 17th !







Watch our Bike to Work video

Rent a free bike

 from any   participating bike shop

  1. Check the map to find your nearest or favorite bike shop.

  2. Select 'Bike rental at bike shop' on the registration page

  3. Select your desired bike shop in the registration form

  4. Pick up your bike starting April 16th and drop it off by April 18th (check opening times of bike shops on the map)

  5. Bring original ID

  6. All rentals include a helmet and bicycle lock

Leave your car at one of the car parks for free and enter the city by bike. 

  1. Check the map to find your nearest bike station

  2. Select 'Bike rental at bike station' on the registration page

  3. Select your desired bike station in the registration form.

  4. Park your car for free at the station and pick up your bike there on April 17th starting 6.30AM

  5. Return the bike to the same station by 10 PM on April 17th.

  6. Bring original ID

  7. All rentals include a helmet and bicycle lock

Grab some free bites and drinks from the following locations at any time during the day.

Just specify which café you want to eat at in the registration and come by bike!



Do you live outside Beirut and feel like there's no way for you to use a bike?

We're setting up three Park and Ride Stations at Beirut's northern, southern, and eastern entrances where you can park your car for free and grab a free bike to continue to your destination:

- North Entrance: Facing Forum de Beyrouth

- East Entrance: Beirut Hippodrome

- South Entrance: Spinneys Jnah




Beirut has lots of quiet, beautiful streets, and many ways of crossing from one neighbourhood to another. But if you drive, you probably wouldn't have used them. Access this map of bike friendly routes while you cycle on your phone's Google maps! Simply open the link below on your phone and the map will be added as a layer to your google maps app.


We're setting up temporary segregated bike lanes in partnership with the Beirut Municipality to make your ride easy and comfortable. Bike lanes connect the amin park and ride stations to downtown and Hamra (see the map below!)


  • Cycle on quieter roads - you will discover Beirut nicely

  • Cycle on the right side of the road with traffic.

  • Don't be afraid to take your space on the road! You are entitled as much as other road users!

  • Leave at least a meter between you and parked cars on the side

  • Maintain a good distance between yourself and other bikers or cars

  • Don't forget to signal with your hands before crossing a road,  taking a turn or stopping

  • With thinner wheels, watch potholes and avoid water drains

  • Have fun and enjoy your journey!



Share a picture of yourself on social media cycling to work on April 17th for a chance to win a brand new bike and other goodies!


Winners will be chosen based on photo creativity and relevance to the Bike to Work campaign.


To participate:


  • Upload your picture(s) on Instagram or Facebook and include these hashtags in your caption: #BiketoWork #TheChainEffect #BeirutByBike #BuyCycle #BikeZone #CafeYounes #BikeGeneration

  • Set the privacy of your photo to public so that we can see it


  • 3 mountain bikes from Beirut by Bike

  • 1 mountain bike from BuyCycle

  • $100 gift voucher from Bike Generation

  • 3 coffee packs and 2 mugs from Cafe Younes


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